Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

Get the best Toys rental experience with us !


Category:Fine Motor Skill Toys


Market Price : 277.00

Small Toys
  • Ideal For Boys & Girls
  • Material Wooden
  • No battery Operated

Numeric Numbers Plate

Manipulating the stackable units presents a fun learning way for kids to proactively develop essential kindergarten and preschool math skills, like counting from zero to ten NUMBER RECOGNITION: A vital tool in assisting kindergarteners to recognize all 10 numbers from 1 to 10. Our puzzle board comes with 10/20 pieces so your kids can always get a head start on counting to 10 and backwards! EDUCATIONAL: Perfect for teaching beginners basic number and shape recognition, counting in sequence and estimating, all essential skills for preschool and kindergarten curriculum. 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: We design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts also is amongst the ideal gifts for your children as well as their friends Skills; Enhancing their Visual Senses along with the Motor Skills GREAT FOR AGES 2-5: This puzzle makes a great gift for kids whose age is between 2-5 years Add happiness Store Rooster Puzzle toy to round out the hands-on, screen-free play experience PORTABLE: Children can take the training module virtually anywhere, making it fun and easy to enhance their mathematical skill set independently or with friends and family.

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