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Get the best Toys rental experience with us !


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Small Toys
  • Ideal For Boys & Girls
  • Material Plastic
  • No battery Operated

Memory Skills Games Board

Sharpen your children’s memory and develop their thinking abilities by bringing home Zephyr Memory Skills. This enthralling set of game by Zephyr Toys consists of different combination cards, game box and pegs which help the player while playing the game. You can start with choosing any one of the challenges like similar objects, front and back or corresponding objects in the playing tray and cover it with pegs. Start choosing two pegs at a time and if you pick out the correct pegs then keep it with you, otherwise place them back on the tray. One who collects maximum number of pegs in the end wins this Memory Skills game by Zephyr Toys. Zephyr Memory Skills is an apt game for children, aged above five years. You can gift this game to children, irrespective of their gender. This game by Zephyr Toys measures 21.6 x 34.4 x 4.2 cm and weighs 440 g. You can also organize a fun playtime for your kids and their friends over the weekend. Enhance your child’s mental skills, game skills and memory power by bringing home Zephyr Memory Skills. Objective: Improve your children’s memory with the Zephyr Memory Skills toy set. This set comes with a set of cards, a game box and some pegs which are used in play. There is a series of challenges that need to be explored while playing the game. Exposing children to challenges like these will make them more confident in life and also let them device simple strategies to win. The Memory Skills toy set is a great buy for active young kids who need mental stimulation in order to develop.

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