Get the best Toys rental experience with us !

Get the best Toys rental experience with us !




Market Price : 499.00

Small Toys
  • Ideal For Boys & Girls
  • Material Plastic
  • Bump & Go

Cute Musical Car

The universal wheel is installed at the bottom, walks irregularly and obstacles will change the direction of advancement during the exercise. Smooth lines & edges prevent child injury and safety. BRILLIANT LIGHTING & MELODIOUS MUSIC-Electric Musical Car Toy plays dynamic music while walking with Lights and Sounds, attracting the baby to crawl with brilliant changes in red, blue and green color light. ABILITY TRAINING-Novel and Chic Models car develop children's emotions, vision, hearing, intellectual development, crawling, manual brain, grasping, sense, hand-eye coordination, other ability development, interactive toys, parent-child communication. GIFT FOR BABIES & TODDLERS-This amusing toy is truly magical and will keep a child entertained. Cute appearance and bright color, it is the best present for kids.

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